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December 20, 2019    by  ‣  0 comments

Tuneda loan company offer

Tuneda loan institution is undoubtedly one of the less known players within the Polish non-bank loans sector. However, despite this Tuneda managed to gain recognition and reputation both from clients who had the opportunity to cooperate with this lender, as well as from specialists involved in the assessment of the loan market. Tuneda reviews available on the Internet emphasize, above all, the very attractive terms of loans available in the company’s offer as well as the transparent and clear nature of the offer itself.

Unlike many other non-bank lenders, Tuneda bases its offer on one specific product: these are long-term installment loans. As mentioned, Tuneda is not one of the leaders in the Polish loan sector when it comes to e.g. the amount of revenues, but the company’s offer is the most competitive in relation to the offer of other, larger and more known lenders.


Tuneda: company’s offer

company loan

The Tuneda loan institution offers installment loans for clients between $ 2 and 12,000 and a repayment period of between 12 and even 48 months. Already at this stage it can be seen that the structure of the offer was really interesting. Installment loans at Tuneda can be a great solution for customers looking for financing for a larger amount. At the same time, however, the very low ceiling of loans ($ 2,000) means that the borrowers looking for a way to finance some smaller expenditure can also successfully use the company’s offer. Tuneda reviews available on the Internet particularly emphasize this aspect, namely the possibility of using installment loans in funedes for various purposes, i.e. as a more favorable equivalent of the so-called payday loans.


Loan terms

Loan terms

In addition to the attractive financial terms of the loans it offers, Tuneda is also known for not imposing particularly high requirements on potential borrowers. To be able to apply for a installment loan in Tuneda, we only need to be at least 20 and no more than 70 years old, have Polish citizenship, ID card and place of residence in Poland, as well as have an active bank account.

In the creditworthiness verification process, Tuneda checks customer data in databases such as BIK, KRD and Economic Information Bureaus.



loan Security

Tuneda is a proven and reputable lender listed in the Register of Loan Institutions. The company operates in accordance with the provisions of the Consumer Credit Act and is regularly monitored by the Polish Financial Supervision Authority. All these factors guarantee full security of using installment loans offered by Tuneda.

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