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Cheap instant payday loan without are available only through private loan intermediaries or foreign banks. The main reason for this is that without exception, all German banks request a from their borrowers and reject the loan application for serious negative entries immediately. More commentary at

Even minor negative entries, such as an unpaid mobile phone bill, can already be a serious problem. Lending will in this case only be possible if the borrower can prove additional collateral, a guarantor or a very high income.

Negative entries

Whenever a customer does not meet his payment obligations, he must expect that this will result in a negative remark entry. It becomes very difficult if dunning or enforcement orders have already been filed, the salary or salary has been seized, an affidavit has been issued or a private insolvency procedure is pending.

In this case, no reputable bank will grant a loan. A customer who has failed in the past to pay his bills properly and punctually may be inclined to do so in the future. The bank would then have no guarantee that they would see their money again. If the income is below the legal exemption limit, there would also be no possibility of using this income for arrears.

Cheap instant payday loan without are also very difficult to get, if the customer has paid his debts in the meantime and the reasons for the negative remark entries have been omitted. The entries remain stored for three years and are then completely deleted. Anyone who has not had anything new to owe during this time could possibly be loanworthy again.

Foreign payday loan and private loan intermediaries

Foreign payday loan and private loan intermediaries



In contrast to the German banks, most foreign lenders refrain from obtaining a . However, they require a regular income, which should not only be above the attachment exemption limit, but should also come from an activity as a worker, employee or civil servant. Otherwise, lending will only be feasible in exceptional cases.

Self-employed, freelancers, housewives, apprentices or students should contact a reputable private loan intermediary. Under certain circumstances he would have the opportunity to realize cheap instant payday loan without , even in particularly difficult cases. But a hundred percent guarantee can not be given by a loan intermediary.

Cheap instant payday loan without be paid either in cash or transferred to the current account of the customer. An individual agreement in the form of a loan agreement will be made on the repayment modalities. This loan agreement not only determines the term and the monthly loan installments, but also details whether and to what extent special repayments are possible.

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Payday loan for trainees Sun, 24 Mar 2019 13:33:01 +0000 Read More Read More


The payday loan for trainees – what is it?

The payday loan for trainees - what is it?

First, a payday loan is a neologism from the advertising of online providers. Apprentices corresponds to most providers an instant loan. Immediate emergency and payday loans were created as a challenge to the formerly long credit processing times of traditional banks. An instant loan is always processed as quickly as possible. The entire process, processing, credit decision and disbursement of the money take at most up to five working days. Not infrequently, however, one working day is enough.

The fast processing process is made possible by the online connection to the Schufa and a simplified approval process. If the circumstances are clear, the clerk can forego an in-depth credit check and quickly approve the loan. . It costs about 10, – € and guarantees the availability of the money within a booking day after the payment. Above all, this will speed up your own house bank. Otherwise, she could legally work three working days with the money.

Traps and stumbling blocks for urgent payday loans

Traps and stumbling blocks for urgent payday loans

There are black sheep in every shop. They are trying to capitalize on hardships with excessive demands. Anyone who needs fast money should still not get involved with prepayment models or overdrawn fees. An availability of the money, measured within 24 hours of the application, is only possible with branch banks. No matter what the advertisement claims, only online it does not work.

The payday loan for trainees, paid out within 24 hours, which can come from the house bank or the branch of an online provider. The reason for this is the legal obligation of the ID examination. The check can only be done by an employee of the bank, post office, notary or consulate. An online provider without its own branch network is always dependent on the postal service. This path can take up to three days. The promise from advertising is thus untenable.

Instant or payday loan from private

One of the biggest advertising ducks is the payday loan from private. Privately, a payday loan can only come from the circle of friends. The established platforms for personal loans do not offer instant loans. Your business idea is designed so that people in difficult life situations do not lose the chance of getting credit.

It takes two weeks, or even longer, for sufficient bidders to choose to lend. Only then will the money be collected by the bidders and paid out to the borrower after full payment has been received. The loan for apprentices can of course be a personal loan, but it does not exist as a payday loan for trainees.

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Small payday loans – immediate take out Fri, 15 Mar 2019 13:09:13 +0000 Read More Read More



Especially in this day and age, many consumers have to bridge short-term liquidity bottlenecks more and more frequently, or simply want to satisfy only a consumer desire. The purchase of TV, refrigerator or paying the last oil bill is now easily possible through small payday loan. Those who do not have the necessary capital can quickly and easily bridge a financial bottleneck in this way. A summay is on

Anyone looking for small payday loan immediately without remark can today hope for the offers of numerous banks. Numerous banks, especially the small online banks on the Internet today offer small payday loan with attractive terms. Borrowers can thus benefit from numerous good offers, with attractive interest rates, but the high variety of offers has a decisive disadvantage, the comparability decreases. Who wants to compare small payday loan immediately without remark, should definitely resort to a credit comparison on the Internet.

This should be taken into account when comparing small payday loan

This should be taken into account when comparing small payday loan

Especially for people who have a negative remark, a loan without remark is best suited, whoever is clever and has a positive creditworthiness may hope for attractive interest rates. By renouncing the remark, small payday loan are awarded immediately without remark, taking into account the income. As income plays a critical role in credit checks, high-income borrowers can benefit from low interest rates.

In addition to the credit rating, the term and the loan amount also influence the effective interest rate. At the same time, the term and the loan amount pose risks, the longer the term and the higher the loan amount, the higher the risk for the banks. Accordingly, borrowers have to expect a higher effective interest rate. For this reason, a small loan without remark should best be selected with a short term and a small loan amount.

A small loan, which is offered immediately and without remark, is usually available within a few working days. In advance, borrowers must always complete an application form, which the bank subsequently reviews and makes the loan decision. If the loan commitment is positive, the credit agreement can already be downloaded, printed out and signed. Upon receipt of the loan agreement with the bank, the immediate payment of the loan amount already takes place.

Compare small payday loan online without remark online


The comparison of small payday loan without remark is possible on the Internet on numerous finance portals. Loan calculators allow comparison with individual sizes, by taking into account a specific loan amount, maturity and repayment, borrowers can quickly filter out the individually best deals. With the credit comparison on the Internet, the most favorable interest rate can be permanently retrieved and the credit costs reduced significantly.

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Cheap payday loans despite negative entry Tue, 05 Mar 2019 14:07:33 +0000 Read More Read More


That there are payday loan that are also available with remark entries is now common practice in the market. Nevertheless, the view remains that a loan without remark is always an expensive business, which has only disadvantages for the borrower. That this is not the case, numerous providers prove, the cheap payday loan despite remark entry. A summay is on

Why is there still a belief that payday loan without remark need to be expensive?

Why is there still a belief that loans without remark need to be expensive?Why is there still a belief that loans without remark need to be expensive?

In the past, consumers with remark entries had to turn to dubious credit providers for cash requirements. Since the German settled banks in the past, as in principle still cooperate with credit transactions with the remark, dubious credit providers could estimate horrendous interest rates and thus exploit the financial emergency situation of the applicants. However, this has changed dramatically today with the opening up of European borders and the use of the Internet.

Cheap payday loan despite remark entry can be obtained today at absolutely reputable banks. However, in the lending business without remark, no German bank is the contractual partner, but generally a bank. With the exception of Germany, remark is not relevant for credit transactions in the rest of Europe, and banks also offer payday loan to German consumers without remark – and at surprisingly affordable prices.

What should I look for when looking for cheap payday loan despite remark’s entry?


First and foremost, it is important to carry out a credit comparison with this loan and even with absolutely urgent need of money. This is very easy on the Internet via corresponding portals. The portals compare different providers under completely identical conditions and can thus provide an objective result, which provider for the loan is the right contract partner. In addition, one should, if one incorporates a credit broker, which cooperates with many banks, pay attention to a reputable broker.

This can be recognized by the fact that the customer does not incur any initial costs for lending and that no fee-based preliminary contracts have to be concluded. Whenever the credit intermediary focuses on revenue rather than on lending, and if there are pre-cost charges before closing, one should refrain from using credit intermediaries.

One last important point is your own credit rating. For banks, it is important that cheap payday loan are brokered despite remark’s entry. But collateral with regard to the repayment of the loan, including interest, they still want to have. Therefore, one should have a fixed income from a dependent employment in order to take up a loan.

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Fast payday loan Sat, 02 Mar 2019 14:29:29 +0000 Read More Read More


Many borrowers want payday loans without remark and fast, because the credit is needed on the one hand very urgently and on the other hand, the own remark is significantly biased. If fast payday loans are required, the selection of an instant payday loan is suitable. Here, the payday loan application is reviewed by the bank very quickly, usually either immediately or within 24 hours, and following a commitment the credit is passed on to the borrower. has more notes

As a result, the borrower can dispose of his payday loan very quickly, which is particularly useful when dunning costs threaten or another payday loan should be replaced as quickly as possible. These payday loans are usually reserved for borrowers who have a sound credit rating. If the remark entry is preloaded or if the remark should not be checked for exactly this reason, instant payday loans are no longer possible in most cases.

The borrower must therefore contact a bank in this case, which issues a payday loan even without checking the remark. Such payday loans are predominantly held by banks, which explicitly advertise that they do not check remark at the time of payday loan issuance. Even private payday loans are always remark-free, which is why many borrowers are more likely to seek their way into the private sphere. If the relationship with potential private lenders is good, taking a small payday loan is often not a problem.

Get a quick cash injection – even without remark

Get a quick cash injection - even without remark


In addition, taking out payday loans without remark and quickly in a private environment has the great advantage that these payday loans are often issued without interest charges. The borrower does not have to pay extra for his payday loan, as would be the case with a bank payday loan, but only repay the full amount in the agreed time. As a result, private payday loans are the most profitable payday loans ever, with the financial opportunities in the private sector not always prevailing, so that money can actually be borrowed.

If this option does not exist, those affected can only apply to banks. Since these do not check the remark, at least one negative German remark can make no ground for refusal. Nonetheless, the creditworthiness of the bank itself must of course be proven here, as well as proof of one’s own income situation at banks.

Since the remark is not queried, the chances of successful borrowing increase by the highest possible and fixed income can be presented. Officials thus enjoy an extra advantage when payday loans without remark and fast are desired. Of course, it always depends on the situation of the individual borrower, which solution is the ideal way to take out a payday loan.

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