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Bad Credit Isn't A Problem For Payday Loans Online-Lynnekovan.Com

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April 16, 2019    by  ‣  0 comments

Cheap instant payday loans despite negative entry


Cheap instant payday loan without are available only through private loan intermediaries or foreign banks. The main reason for this is that without exception, all German banks request a from their borrowers and reject the loan application for serious negative entries immediately. More commentary at

Even minor negative entries, such as an unpaid mobile phone bill, can already be a serious problem. Lending will in this case only be possible if the borrower can prove additional collateral, a guarantor or a very high income.

Negative entries

Whenever a customer does not meet his payment obligations, he must expect that this will result in a negative remark entry. It becomes very difficult if dunning or enforcement orders have already been filed, the salary or salary has been seized, an affidavit has been issued or a private insolvency procedure is pending.

In this case, no reputable bank will grant a loan. A customer who has failed in the past to pay his bills properly and punctually may be inclined to do so in the future. The bank would then have no guarantee that they would see their money again. If the income is below the legal exemption limit, there would also be no possibility of using this income for arrears.

Cheap instant payday loan without are also very difficult to get, if the customer has paid his debts in the meantime and the reasons for the negative remark entries have been omitted. The entries remain stored for three years and are then completely deleted. Anyone who has not had anything new to owe during this time could possibly be loanworthy again.

Foreign payday loan and private loan intermediaries

Foreign payday loan and private loan intermediaries



In contrast to the German banks, most foreign lenders refrain from obtaining a . However, they require a regular income, which should not only be above the attachment exemption limit, but should also come from an activity as a worker, employee or civil servant. Otherwise, lending will only be feasible in exceptional cases.

Self-employed, freelancers, housewives, apprentices or students should contact a reputable private loan intermediary. Under certain circumstances he would have the opportunity to realize cheap instant payday loan without , even in particularly difficult cases. But a hundred percent guarantee can not be given by a loan intermediary.

Cheap instant payday loan without be paid either in cash or transferred to the current account of the customer. An individual agreement in the form of a loan agreement will be made on the repayment modalities. This loan agreement not only determines the term and the monthly loan installments, but also details whether and to what extent special repayments are possible.

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