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This is my first winter in Nova Scotia for 52 years. I am getting to know not to expect anything but change at this time of year.

Yesterday was bright and clear. Time for a little outing avec Nikon. I just got in the car and set out on The Lighthouse Route  towards Peggy’s Cove.

The lakes are still partially frozen, looking spectacular in the sun.


To see this sort of scene is new for me. In the summer this route is busy. Today there was nothing on the road.


There was a creaking, melting sort of sound, as the ice broke up.


The sun was powerful and low, but not hot. 


I do like these wooden buildings. Probably used for storing fish.


The ice here had been tossed onto the shore here. How??


Sailing boats are stored well away from the water. Some were being painted ready for the summer.


I found this little village, just off the main road.

Little boats, tinkling bells and someone’s radio playing from one of the tiny huts along the shore.


I think it’s lobster time now. So perhaps a lobster sortie was being made ready. I saw nobody to ask.


Looks lovely and sunny doesn’t it? I froze!


I never tire of watching boats. I like the colours, shapes and general smell of boat yards.


This tiny community lives on a hill. No snow here.


There’s Peggy’s Cove in the distance. I wasn’t going there today.


Just passing through village after village. 


Lake after lake.


Hardly a day goes by when don’t I think how lucky I am to have decided to return here. 

And the weather today? Cold and much snow!

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One response

  1. Hi Sweetie, I was going to phone you about the ice on the rocks, but thought if I wrote you then others might see the solution.

    You were looking at a tidal bay. At high tide the water covers the rocks and shore, and freezes. Come low tide, the water flows away from beneath the rocks leaving them “capped” with pieces of ice or perched up the shore. This mystified me my first year here till I figured it out.

    Your photos are just top notch. Really loverly.

    January 16, 2013 at 5:55 pm

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