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Another Day Out

Since moving to Nova Scotia I have been lucky to easily made new friends. The people are so gracious. I don’t feel I have had to earn friendship and openness, that’s the starting point for these good people.  So, my lovely new friend Pat took me to Wolfville.   It was a sparkling day. The colours were breathtaking.

We drove towards Annapolis Valley, which at this time of year is laden with apples. We passed orchards ready for harvesting. Some  trees were almost glowing with red fruits. However, we did not stop for them. There was something else we were after. 

Wool! Pat introduced me to Gaspereau Valley Fibres. A seriously wonderful farm wool shop.

Everything about this place was pleasing. In addition to the wide range of wools, the design of this great barn of a place was thought through to appeal to all levels of knitters. If you don’t knit, and find this place, it’s probably enough to get you started!

In addition to skein after skein of yarn, there were tempting arrangements of ‘notions’..

I of course made some modest purchases……and watched my wool being turned from skein to ball in seconds by the lovely manager

It was time to move on.  We decided that lunch in Wolfville was the next stop. Our choice of where to eat was a good one. Tempest Restaurant was just right. Go there please. Order the Smoked haddock Chowder. You will be glad.

A walk along the Acadian Dykes instead of desert. 

The light and the sky were beautiful.  Not a breath of wind today. Unusual for Nova Scotia

Time to go.  Another treat in store on the way home.

The Tangled Garden is owned by Beverly McClare, who started out growing a small herb garden.  From this she has created a range of delicious jellies, jams and other herb based treats. Anxious for us to experience her creations, we were given tastes of her products. I came away with jars of Radiant Raspberry Jam and Verbena Blueberry Jam. 

These are not your everyday conserves,

These are seriously special.

The question is, do I eat them or frame them?

The visit is continued with a tour of Beverly’s garden.

This is where she grows her herbs, flowers, trees and shrubs. All in together. As they should be.

It was like walking round a gallery, only you could smell the works of art.

It was time to head home. But not before I show you this tree of a sunflower! Thank you Pat for a lovely adventure. Now we have decided to start a knitting group!

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One response

  1. I used to knit religiously — everything I made was holey.

    Sunflower = Wowsa.

    Love the colours of the trees, the wool, the jams and jellies.

    What a wonderful day out.

    October 19, 2012 at 11:01 am

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